First animations

The start of something

We have integrated into our game engine the first character animations created by Luis.
Here is the very first video of the project. Obviously, we are far from the end, but it's always nice to be able to start interacting with the character 😊

What is already operational

  • Loading of levels that are produced with MapEditor (Tiled now).
  • The collision system only uses a collision point and only with the ground.
  • The gamepad (SN30pro) as well as the screen touch on a mobile are taken into account.
  • The animation graph seems to work as expected.
  • A small Debug / Trace module analyzes the performance of each critical function of the game to allow us to know where we are in terms of performance.
  • It runs smoothly at 60 fps 😊

Animated sprites with Solar2D

solar2D can manage the animations for you.
I will have done a sort of tutorial to explain how it works, but the Solar2D doc is so well done, that I won't find anything more to say than what is already explained in the official documentation.
It will be much more interesting to look one day at the animation graphs, that is to say how the animations are linked one after the other according to the interactions of the player and those of the scenery.
I will post on it, once I have advanced myself on the subject.


Documentation in French

Official Documentation


Hillgreen Dream Team

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Manu: Graphiste et développeur
Luis: 3D Graphes et animations
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