HillGreen - video #02

HillGreen: Video Demo 2

New graphs, new animations ...

We are very happy to show you how our little game has moved in its 3rd month of development!

Change Log

  • New "jump" and "flip" animations of the character
  • Addition of the paralaxe and the decorations of Manu.
  • Addition of layers of scenery in front and behind the character.
  • Management of "secret" passages.
  • New in-house physics engine. Colissions with the decor are taken care of.
  • Optimization of certain Lua code to stay well below the limit we set for ourselves.
  • It still runs smoothly at 60 fps 😊

CPU time

The times displayed in the video are those of a PC (on which the videos are made).
On the Samsung Galaxy J3, it's a bit slower but nothing dramatic.

Galaxy J3 CPU

We oscillate between 7 and 9% of CPU time (excluding trace and events)
Character management consumes 1.6% of the frame
The physics engine: 1.1%. This may vary depending on the movement of the character.
The management of paralaxes: 2.3%.
Management of tiles: 1.9%. This mainly involves creating the new displayed blocks and freeing the memory allocated to the bolc that you no longer see!


Hillgreen Dream Team

Etienne: DĂ©veloppeur
Manu: Graphiste et développeur
Luis: 3D Graphes et animations
Reynald: Musiques et sons