HillGreen: Video Demo 4

Collisions, 27 Mar 2022

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The Cathedral and the Bazaar, 14 Mar 2022

![Image]( "Image") It sometimes happens, and even often, (in my opinion always) that we have to recode something that we have already coded ... and which nevertheless works! It is a process that I would qualify as completely normal, but that must be taken into account when embarking on a project and when you want to go through with it. Explanations ...

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MapEditor and TexturePacker, 10 Mar 2022

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HillGreen: Video Demo 3

New graphic theme, 28 Feb 2022

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HillGreen - video #02

HillGreen: Video Demo 2

It moves and it jumps :), 23 Jan 2022

We are very happy to show you how our little game has moved in its 3rd month of development!

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Physical Engine

Physics engine: Part 1

Management of contacts with the decor, 07 Jan 2022

I had previously explained that I was going to do without Box2D and why. Here are the basics of the physics engine I have set up for the game! My physics engine is far from doing what Box2d can do, but that's not the goal! The object is to have a hand over it so that I can be sure I can do whatever I need.

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First animations

The first character animations, 20 Dec 2021

The first animations are integrated into the game. It immediately gives a more fun aspect to our prototype! This is an opportunity to talk about the Solar2D SpriteSheets which manage some of the animations for you, even if you have to admit that recoding the system would not be a big job!

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Collision system

Should I use Box2D or not?, 11 Dec 2021

Box2D is a 2D physics engine. It can support all the management of collisions between objects but also manage the movement of physical objects following the application of a force on these objects. Solar2D natively implements Box2D and many games use it, so should you use it?

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Virtual screen

Solar2D virtual screen

Understand the positioning and scaling of Solar2D, 17 Nov 2021

Since a Solar2D program can run on several devices with different resolution, width / height ratio and pixel density, a solution had to be found so that the same program could function optimally on all of them. these devices. Solar2D offers a solution which may seem confusing at first but which turns out to be very elegant in the end.

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Solar2D Logo

The genesis of the project

The choice of Solar2D, 04 Nov 2021

We would have liked to say that the choice of the game engine was carefully considered, but sometimes, it does not go like that and it is better to start, after having done a few minimum tests (anyway), than to procrastinate for weeks and exhaust yourself looking for the ideal solution!

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